More Bang for Your Buck: Top 3 Cosmetic Treatments that are “Tried and True”

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Want to get the most out of your skincare treatment, but feel overwhelmed by the options available? Well, you’re not alone; there are hundreds of thousands of treatment options out there, and they all claim to be better than the last! But what treatments are worth investing in? What are the tried-and-true methods that have stood the test of time? That’s what we’re going to look at today.


A highly effective anti-wrinkle treatment, Botox is a neurotoxin injected into the skin that blocks nerve impulses to the treated muscles, temporarily paralyzing them and preventing contraction. This can prevent wrinkles from forming on your face by eliminating facial lines and reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles. After a simple injection procedure under local anesthesia, patients can expect their new look to last approximately 3-4 months.

Common treatments include injections into forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines. These are some of the most common wrinkles in our faces, which is why is so popular among patients. Since these areas receive a lot of stress from repetitive facial expressions (like smiling), they tend to be first affected by aging, making them perfect candidates for Botox treatment.

Dermal Fillers

This is one of the fastest growing cosmetic treatments. It provides a long-lasting solution to the process of aging and sun damage, commonly referred to as sagging skin or wrinkles. The aesthetician will inject a hyaluronic acid gel into the skin in different areas, like around your eyes and mouth, but can treat any area that needs it.

These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance in your body. Dermal fillers typically last from six months to two years, depending on the product as well as your age and genetics. During and immediately after treatment, you may experience some swelling and mild bruising at injection sites as well as possible temporary redness or tenderness. If a filler has been placed too deep or injected into a blood vessel, there could be more significant complications like bleeding and infection.

Laser Hair Removal

Whether you’re a man or woman, laser hair removal can be a great way to reduce the time and effort it takes to shave or wax. While it won’t make you 100% hair-free, it does reduce the amount of time you spend on upkeep and prevents regrowth that is noticeable. The process has also become quite safe over the years, meaning risks are very low when compared to other treatments like electrolysis and waxing. Common side effects include mild swelling, pigment changes, redness of the skin, and temporary irritation.

As its name suggests, laser hair removal involves a beam of light shooting into your skin to burn away hair follicles. You can choose from a variety of different lasers that target different colors and energies of light depending on your skin color and hair type. Once you’ve undergone treatment, regrowth should be reduced or eliminated completely. There are many factors at play when it comes to hair growth; genetics, hormones, diet, and stress all play a role in how much (or little) hair grows on our bodies so the number of treatments may vary from patient to patient. It is also possible to get laser hair removal done on other parts of your body including chest, underarms, back and legs.